Questions on Leadership


Learning Activity #1

Over the past 25 years the term knowledge management has evolved to represent the changing nature of the workplace in a true paradigm shift. In coining the phrase “knowledge society” Peter Drucker convincingly argued that land, labor, and capital as the classical factors of production had been largely replaced by knowledge. “Knowledge has become the resource, rather than a resource, and is what makes our society post-capitalist.” (Drucker, 1993)

Explain the quote and make sure to define the nature of knowledge management and the types and kinds of leadership challenges that knowledge management engenders.

 Learning Activity #2

In week one you were asked to read/watch the “slide share” show 99 Facts about the Future of Business. Then you were to create a list of five expectations that society has for business leaders from the slide show. Reflect on your reading for the course and explain how society’s expectations affects the business leader of tomorrow.

99 Facts on the Future of Business

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