Questions on Leadership and Future of business


Please answer the following questions

Learning Activity #1

Part One

Carefully review the slide share, 99 Facts about the Future of Business,  and identify the following:

5 areas for new business opportunities

5 ways business will change

5 expectations society will have for business leaders in the 21st century

Part Two

Based on your readings and Compare and Contrast the business environment of the 20thand 21st Century. Be sure to include in your analysis the types of businesses, the ways of doing business, the role of the leader in doing business, and the kinds of organizations (structure and culture) that are present in the two centuries. Draw conclusions from this comparison as to what the environment will look like in the coming century. Paint the picture.

Learning Activity #2

Keep in your thoughts for LA2-

The 20th century was about moving goods while the 21st century is about moving people.

In light of the new business environment for the 21st Century described in LA1, how will the role of the business leader change? Based on your reading and the results of LA1 create a “persona” for two ideal leaders one for the ideal 20th century leader and one for the 21stideal leader. Include everything from the type of business, the way they might run it, characteristics, values, relationship to employees, who they are male, female, American, Chinese, what their job will be etc. Once you have described these two people, go on the internet and research leaders, start with our in class material for ideas as to who, to see if you can identify one business leader which personifies your ideal for each century. The size and type of business doesn’t matter. Just try to see how close they come to your “ideal” person. Be sure to completely describe your “ideal” before picture and your selections comparing each to the other. Hint your hardest person to find will be the 21st century leader look at current news stories from NBC, CNN etc. to get some names.


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