Read the case study “A case study from the perspective

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Read the case study “A case study from the perspective of medical ethics: refusal of treatment in an ambulance” and give response. Be sure to provide details to your answers: • What is the purpose of the reading? What does the author seem to be trying to accomplish? • What point of view or perspective does the reading seem to take or promote? What questions does it raise but leave unanswered? • is the reading relatively clear or unclear, deep or superficial, one-dimensional or multi-dimensional, strong or weak, insightful and complex or simple and biased? • What are the major health policy issues that appear in the article-including who is affected by the issue and how. • What are the legal and ethical issues that appear in the article representative of the 4 ethical principles – give a specific example from the article of how it is represented in the article. • How is the reading similar to other sources of information that you are familiar with (written, filmed, televised, etc.)? • How does the reading relate to your own life experiences, ideas, values, etc.? • should the policy presented here be changed? • What do you think the policy should be? • What are your recommendation(s) “fixes” to the policy issue? • How is the ethical issue taken into account in your recommendation?

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