resort operations, management quiz 1


 1Question 2. 2. Tourists
have greater latitude in their vacation choices due to (Points : 1)

global climate changes
advances in technology
access to the Internet
increasing prosperity and tourism options

1. All resort operations will need to consider their future
return on investment (R.O.I.) in order to recoup the capital outlays needed
to develop a resort. Management will need to predict (Points : 1)

which employees would be best groomed for advancement
trends in business spending patterns
demand for transportation to their resort city
future trends in consumer preferences and spending patterns

Question 3. 3. Marketing is
an important challenge because of increasing competition for guests’ time and
money. (Points : 1)


Question 4. 4. Resorts
approach their customers as (Points : 1)

carefully as possible
welcome visitors
guests rather than visitors
potential investors

Question 5. 5. A
differentiation strategy encourages a firm to seek uniqueness along some
dimension of its product that is valued by consumers. (Points : 1)


Question 6. 6. The origins
of resorts can be traced back to (Points : 1)

the ancient Greeks
Roman times
Alexander the Great

Question 7. 7. In
conducting an environmental scanning exercise, the ____ involves operations
within the organization. (Points : 1)

task environment
internal environment
social/global environment
natural environment

Walt Disney

Question 8. 8. Given the
long-term nature of resort development and the symbiosis between its
business success with the health of surrounding environments and
communities, sustainable development becomes a fundamental principle for
resort businesses. (Points : 1)


Question 9. 9. In today’s
environment, the term “spa” typically signifies a health resort or service.
The term is derived from (Points : 1)

the ancient Greek city of Sparta
the Spanish town of Spabadell
the Roman god of health, Spartecles
the town of Spa in Belgium

Question 10. 10. The Family
Life Cycle Theory (Points : 1)

reflects the changing socio-economic circumstances within households
follows a typical nuclear family through its stages of growth and change
is a complex specification of family life
all of the above

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