Saudi Electronic University Emerging Trends in Healthcare in Saudi Arabia Discussion


Conduct a search of recent news articles, journal publications a review of the most recent and emerging trends in Healthcare in your Saudi Arabia . Discuss the trends that you have identified and what specific factors besides COVID-19 have influenced these trends.
 Al Mutair, A., Alhumaid, S., Al Alawi, Z., Zaidi, A. R. Z., Alzahrani, A. J., Al-Tawfiq, J. A., … & Al-Omari, A. (2021). Five-year resistance trends in pathogens causing healthcare-associated infections at a multi-hospital healthcare system in Saudi Arabia, 2015–2019. Journal of global antimicrobial resistance, 25, 142-150.Alhumaid, S., Al Mutair, A., Al Alawi, Z., Alsuliman, M., Ahmed, G. Y., Rabaan, A. A., … & Al-Omari, A. (2021). Knowledge of infection prevention and control among healthcare workers and factors influencing compliance: a systematic review. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control, 10(1), 1-32. will help 

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