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For this exercise, you need to select your favorite retailer. Your choice can be a fully online retailer, a fully offline (brick & mortar) retailer, or a combination. Spend some time exploring the retailer’s Web site and/or its physical operations. Do NOT visit this retailer’s Facebook page until AFTER you answer the first three questions.To receive credit for this exercise, answer the following questions:What retailer did you select? Briefly explain this retailer’s basic business model (brick & mortar, e-tailer, etc…). Why did you select this retailer? Based on your knowledge of the company and what you learned from exploring its Web site and/or physical location, what social media objective(s) should this company pursue? Explain.Without looking as the company’s current Facebook page, what content breakdown would you propose for the company’s Facebook page to achieve the objective(s) above. Briefly describe the types of content you’d include and the types of Facebook posts you would use. Provide an example of at least one actual Facebook post you would include in your plan.Now visit the company’s Facebook page. Does the actual content achieve the objective(s) you identified above? If not, is it because the page exhibits a different objective or because of poor execution. Does the content breakdown on the Facebook page match the breakdown of content you proposed? Why or why not?

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