Strategic Planning and Leadership in Healthcare-Mini Case Analysis


Mini Case Study #: You Are the CEO of Mercy Hospital: Outpatient Center PlanningYou are CEO of Mercy Hospital. Recently, a community patient satisfaction survey was sent to Mercy’s patients asking about their ideal hospital setting. Many patients wrote that they wanted a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual attention as part of their care.You have been working closely with a physician leadership team and a community advisory board to develop an outpatient center that incorporates integrative healing therapies and a broad array of medical services to meet the needs of the community.How will you ensure that your outpatient center has the three desired components: compassionate care, patient-centered care, and a healing environment?What types of programs and services will you provide in your plan in response to the patient satisfaction survey? This assignment should require 2 – 4 pages of text (including cover and reference pages).References must be taken from the class, or UMUC online library.

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