Sullivan College American Politics and Forms of Governments Questions


Discussion Question One;

350 words or less

Only state facts, no opinions

critical analysis


Identify your state and answer the following questions: (If you don’t have a state, pick a state that you have an interest in or connection with and tell us why you picked that state.)

1. Does your state have a Constitution?

2. Does your State have a Bill of Rights?

3. When was your State’s Constitution enacted, if your State has a Constitution?

4. What is your State’s Capitol?

5. Who are your U.S. Senators? Tell us something bout each of them, their length in office, their party and some facts about them.

6. Who are your Representatives? You will have to pick a city or area in your state if you are not from a state in order to narrow this down.

7. How long was it between when your state became a state and the enactment of their Constitution?



How do the press, the government and politics interact in the American system today?


Pick a specific example/issue and examine the press, the government and political viewpoints of the same example/issue.

Be sure and tell us the specifics of the issue and identify in your answer the following viewpoints: Press, Government and Political.

Quote your sources for each viewpoint and be very specific as to their viewpoint. DO NOT SUPERIMPOSE your own viewpoint or opinions! DO NOT state generalized conclusion based on your readings. The conclusion of your post should tie all 3 viewpoints together and tell us how these viewpoints interact. Some students are emphasizing their own political opinions. Please try to apply critical analysis; be objective; and actually consider a viewpoint different from your own viewpoint. This class is about understanding and acknowledging the facts on all sides of an issue.

There are some great articles/blogs and discussions going on out there with the current political situation. Some students may want to pick an international viewpoint.

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