Superhero Films Reflection on Political Realities of a Nation Argumentative Essay


This is a 1700 words argument essay. My topic is “Do superhero films reflect or do they shape political realities?”

The first file is the instruction of the paper, second and third file is the samples of the annotated bibliography, hope that is useful for you, you can refer the format of the annotation bibliography samples. and last file is my research Proposal. Also, the source you only can use is what I give you below, any other source is not allowed. My 5 annotation bibliography do not write too long, I only need two paragraphs, more like summarize them. The sample just as a reference for the format.

Please note that you need to follow the instructions, any late work or wrong work will be ask for a refund. Thanks.??

Source you need to use:

1. sequence=2&isAllowed=y





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