Supplier Quality Challenge


Create a 10- to 12-slide visual presentation, with speakers’ notes, that outlines the components of a receiving inspection plan.

Select a commodity to use as your example. Possible commodities include:

Electrical components used in smartphone assembly
Bulk food products, such as grains and liquids
Mechanical components for industrial tool manufacturing
Wiring components used in aerospace manufacturing
Textiles used in clothing manufacturing

Develop a receiving inspection plan for suppliers of the selected commodity based on the following criteria:

Newly sourced supplier
Existing sourced supplier

Analyze why this criteria is important to the receiving inspection plan strategy.

Assess the critical inspection elements to be considered when developing the plan, including the following:

Incoming lot inspections
Lot containment
Data management
Special handling considerations
Supplier notifications
Disposition of non-conforming material
Supplier returns

Include a process map of the incoming receiving inspection process.

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