The Citadel Risk Management and Threat Assessment


Scenario 1
You are the security manager of a business of approximately 25 people and working in a small building. Your business is in a suburban area outside of a major city. You have received unverified information that a former employee (terminated for sexual harassment) has threatened to “shoot the place up”. The employee has been diagnosed with a history of mental illness and suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from military service in Iraq. What other information would you need to conduct a further Threat Assessment and how would you mitigate the risk to the company? 
Course Syllabus: This course examines the concepts, methods, and practices associated with risk management and threat assessment from an all-hazard perspective. Students will learn how to conduct hazard and risk analysis for both the public and private sectors.  This course will include identifying and profiling hazards, analyzing and assessing hazard risk, developing tactics to manage risk, examining a multiple of risk assessment tools, and communicating risk to the public. Participants will examine critical infrastructure sectors and associated interdependencies, cascading consequences, and shared vulnerabilities. Students will perform their own risk analysis and develop recommendations for policy makers as part of this curriculum.

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