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1. What issue(s) do you think have been assigned salience by audiences due to the agenda-setting process that might not otherwise be as salient? Why might the media drive the transfer of salience for that issue(s)?

2. How has the proliferation of social media influenced the ways in which agendas are set and adopted? What about social media does extant agenda-setting research fail to account for?
All the readings are in the attached files. Please read all of them.

Agenda setting theory
The influence of media affects the presentation of the reports and issues made in the news that affects the public mind. The news reports make it in a way that when a particular news report is given importance and attention than other news the audience will automatically perceive it as the most important news and information are given to them. The priorities of which news comes first and then the next are set by the media according to how people think and how much influence will it have among the audience.
Agenda setting occurs through a cognitive process known as “accessibility”. Media provides information which is the most relevant food for thought, portraits the major issues of the society and reflects people minds.

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