Troy University Xu LLC Racial Bias Case Analysis


I need a 4 page case Analysis on the
paragraph below. This is a Human Resource Management class I need this in. I
will upload the direction for the Analysis . It must be in APA format . Please
follow the direction please do not copy other people work. Must cited
information do whatever in the information I’m going to upload.This is the paragraph you have to do the
Analysis on below :Xu, LLC is an accounting firm with 33
employees and 4 independent contractors. All of the employees and independent
contractors are of Asian descent. Xu wants to hire one accountant and one
computer programmer for a project. It intends to hire an employee to fill the
position of full-time accountant. It intends to hire an independent contractor
for the programming project. Jones, a white male applies for the programmer
project. Smith, a black male, applies for the accounting position. Neither
Jones nor Smith is hired. Both learn that Xu, not only has a history of only hiring
Asians, but that it, indeed, hired Asians for the accountant and independent
contractor positions.

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