UC Agile Framework & Management Paper


Part 1
Your author notes on page 117:  “in the complex project landscape effective integration requires management approaches that allow for a flexible creative and adaptive approach by the project team in response to the changing characteristics of the project, organization, and cultural environment and the dynamics of the organization”.  This week you learned about process groups used in the project management lifecycle.  In your experience, are all these deliverables necessary?  Provide two deliverables that all projects, regardless of methodology, should leverage and two deliverables that may not be necessary and why? 
Part 2:
Choose an Agile framework and a project that can be completed using the Agile framework and answer the following:

Describe the model to include a pictorial review of the process
Describe the project
Why do you feel this model is better for this type of project?
What would be the impact of completing the project using a different approach? 

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