UMass Amherst Corporate Governance Internal Controls & Ethics Case Study


Corporate financial scandals for large companies have received a lot of press over the years, but financial scandals occur in companies of all sizes and in all industries. Read the case(in the files) In an APA-formatted paper of at least 2 – 4 pages, not including the cover page and references, discuss the following:What were the fraudulent activities in this case? Describe the internal controls that were missing or circumvented. Review the Sarbanes-Oxley Act to review appropriate internal controls and required reporting.What were the problems in the corporate governance and/or organizational structure at Koss? What are the major requirements of SOX with regards to corporate governance and/or organizational structure? How should the corporate management and accounting function at Koss have been organized?What should Julie Mulvaney have done when Sue Sachdeva requested her to assist in the fraud?Use concepts from course materials and other research you conduct to inform your paper. Be sure to cite sources that support or provide evidence for what you write.

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