UMCP Social Control Discussion


Chriss, J. J. (2013). Social control: An introduction. Polity Press Malden, MA ISBN: 978-0-7456-5438-6

This discussion requires you to discuss the assigned readings in weekly group discussions. Meaningful contributions to discussion (and thus receiving full points for the discussion) require that you carefully read and reflect on the assignments.

To receive full credit, you must demonstrate that you thought critically about the readings, etc., reflected on them, and understand the concepts.

Complete your readings for the week.

Propose a question to the class related to this week’s assigned readings.

The question should be not be answerable with a simple “yes” or “no” answer.
It should not contain multiple parts.
It should not call for an opinion not founded in the course materials.
It should not require information not available in the course materials.

You must include the text of the question to which you are responding in your response to receive possible full credit for this assessment.

Review the questions of your classmates.

Respond to at least one classmate’s question with a meaningful contribution that:

engages with the premise of the question,
offers a specific viewpoint, and
uses evidence from the readings and other academic sources to support the position taken

Note. You must include in your response the text of the question to which you are responding to earn full credit.

All responses should reflect accurate language, grammar, and syntax and employ the APA citation/reference system.

There are no minimum or maximum limits on the length of your response post; it will be scored on quality, not quantity.

You may pose only one question and your peers should be able to respond fully to that question utilizing the course materials.

So, ultimately you are posting a question and then replying to AT LEAST one question from a classmate in a well organized, well written and well presented post. Make sure you follow all of the guidance above and I recommend you write your response posts like a mini essay with all of the qualities of a mini essay.

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