UNCP Management Apple and Cisco Partnership Question


1. Please read one business article from the following link:

Article: Apple, Cisco Unveil Business Partnership by Don Clark and Daisuke Wakabayashi (Links to an external site.)

2. Please read Textbook Chapter 14. Spotify case on pp. 468 – 469.

Written Assignment Questions:

Article 1 Questions:

1. In what ways are both companies benefiting from their CEOs being willing to collaborate in this way?

2. As Apple CEO, Tim Cook is becoming known for his willingness to collaborate with other companies much more so than prior CEO Steve Jobs ever was. Jobs had a tendency to take a more competitive framework, especially toward other organizations. Are there downsides for Apple in this regard? What kind of message does it send to employees?

Please read and answer thethree Case Questions in the textbook Chapter 14, p. 469.

Submission Instructions:

Make sure to fully answer all four questions (with all sub-questions). Do not type out all questions (the plagiarism checker will show a red flag), but need to include question numbers for each answer.

Please apply chapter theories and contents in your answer. Also, if you have any related experience, try to share your own experience in your answers.

No cover page. No more than 5 pages (expect to see at least 4.5 pages of your answers, excluding references). Longer submission will not lose points (unless it goes over 6 pages), but shorter submission will lose points in detail criteria.

Double-space and 12 pt. font size. One-inch margins. APA style.

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