Unit 8 Management Discussion


Chapter 13 of your text notes two significant pitfalls that can occur during the communication process: filtering and perception. Thinking back on your own personal experience, you have likely experienced the impact of one or both of these blockades to perfect understanding. In this discussion, you will share an example and address how the communication experience might have been better handled.Using your own experience as well as the material from Chapter 13 of the text, address the following in your response:Define ‘perception’ and ‘filtering’ in your own words.Describe the communication encounter you experienced that was influenced by either perception and/or filtering.How did the effect of a communication pitfall impact both the sender and receiver during the communication process? Give at least one specific example for each party.With your newfound knowledge of communication pitfalls, what could you have done differently in the situation to avoid any negative impact of perception and/or filtering?

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