University of California Los Angeles Palestine Areas and Colonialism Reflection Paper


Please write a reflection paper on the attached video.

The reflection is NOT a summary of the video. It is supposed to be a brief engagement with the material in addition to points or questions you would like to raise for class discussion. The reflection must not exceed 500 words.

Grading rubric:

– 3%: The student shows in-depth understanding of the material and is able to

articulate the main ideas and arguments and provide further insights.

– 2%: The student gets the general idea of the material and provides some insights,

but does not articulate them well.

– 1%: The student summarizes the reading or film and provides no further insights.

General idea of the course:

The aim is a critical engagement with how colonialism has manifested in Palestine and how it continues to do so until today. The course examines the various mechanisms and policies, both internally and externally, that work to entrench settler colonialism and dispossess the Palestinians. The course will explore and discuss forms of resistance in Palestine, their potentials and limitations, and possibilities for a just solution.

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