University of Colorado Performance Management Systems Discussion


answer this question in 8 to 10 pages. You put headings in it. reference it and check it for plagiarism. You can use the textbook chapter 8 for help or the powerpoints attached or even this: Paul Lyons, (2010),”Performance templates: a learning and performance partnership for employee and manager development”, Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, Vol. 24 Iss 4 pp. 7 – 9APA Style Eight (8) to ten (10) pages. Double spacing. One inch margin on either side. Pages must be numbered bottom right hand corner. Paragraphs to be indicated by indenting. Must have an introduction, a main section (with appropriate subheadings), a conclusion, and bibliography or list of references. A minimum of eight academic sources All sources cited in the essay must appear in the bibliography or list of references

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