University of Cumberlands Why Should Project Managers Capture Lessons Learned Questions


Part 1:
Answer the following questions: 
Why it is important to close out a project even if the project was closed early by management?
Why should Project Managers capture lessons learned?
What are some ways that the project team members, project managers, and the organization can use lessons learned?

What benefits come from celebrating project accomplishments? Do  you believe that rewards and recognition can serve as motivators for  staff?
If you are running an Agile project when are lessons learned captured? 
Part II
Planning for Agile, Extreme, and Hybrid projects happens just in  time, rather than at the beginning of the project as in Traditional  projects.  Because of this do you feel that traditional projects take  longer?
Using the lens of planning, what are some benefits of planning using a traditional project management approach? 


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