University of Maryland Global Campus Marketing Discussion


TOPIC 1: Customer Expectations 
PROMPT: Compare two companies within the automobile industry: one that is known for exceeding expectations (delight) and another that reflects simply positive satisfaction. What influenced the customer perceptions of performance (expectations, quality, responsiveness, price)? 
TOPIC 3: Loyalty Schemes 
PROMPT: Loyalty schemes have a long history beginning with the early airline frequent flyer programs. Today, this concept has been applied to many industries including restaurants, apparel, fitness, entertainment, etc. Choose a loyalty program that you find beneficial, or once found beneficial. Based on your knowledge of customer retention and customer lifetime value, discuss how this loyalty scheme influences or influenced your consumer behavior. Then, describe two ways that the loyalty program benefits or benefited you as the customer and three or more ways that loyalty program benefits or benefited the company.  If you no longer find this program beneficial, why? 

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