University of Maryland University College Organizational Structure Discussion


You have just taken on the role of District Manager for a new video conferencing company, UMG Learning Systems Organizations, Inc. (UMGLSO) that has a mission of providing meeting and conferencing services that promote system thinking in learning organizations. You have been asked by your boss to present to the board of a potentially large customer the way in which the company services can help to support Systems Thinking within a Learning Organization of the future.Taking into consideration what you have learned this term (Organizational Structure, Culture, Behavior, etc.) provide at least three strategies that would help the organization move toward the future.Construct strategies that impact effectiveness and efficiency.Discuss change strategies and identify which actions should be focused on first.Analyze and explain the relationship between structure and culture in decision-making. Include visuals from your final presentation to share with others in your post or include a short video.Use resources from this session and/or others and research-based articles from the online library to support your strategies and analysis.

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