University of Memphis Neuroscience Techniques and Marketing Questions

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pplying neuroscience techniques to studying consumers is a fast growing trend. Click the link below for an overview:Link: (Links to an external site.)

video below shows brain imaging results averaged across a sample of
respondents who viewed one of the greatest Super Bowl advertisements of
all time: the 2011 VW “Darth Vader” ad:Link:
After viewing these videos, what do you think? Answer the following questions in your original post, making sure to include information from the assigned chapter and online content (due Wednesday at 11:59 PM, Central). Number your responses to correspond to the question number:Can
these tools provide new insights that marketers cannot obtain already
using tried and true techniques, such as surveys and focus groups?From
a business ethics perspective, does the use of these types of medical
diagnostic tools to study topics like advertising effectiveness and
consumer decision making concern you at all? Or are the ethical issues
raised by its use no different than that associated with any other type
of technology or research method?

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