University of North Texas Social Science Essay


Please select a stress related problem and a coping strategy. The paper must be written from the aspect of a social worker. 
Social stress
Stress and insomnia

Techno stress
Occupational stress
Race and gender
Financial Problems
Time management
Chronic pain
These are your section headers:
Introduction: purpose of the paper.

Stress-Related Problem: describe its prevalence in the population and its impact.
Coping Strategies: describe 2 coping strategies from the list below and how they would be applied to the stress-related problem.
Physical Exercise, Nutrition
The healing power of nature
Progressive Muscular Relaxation
Autogenic Training and Clinical Biofeedback
T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Massage Therapy

Mental Imagery and Visualization
Music Therapy
Meditation and Mindfulness
Hatha Yoga
Diaphragmatic Breathing
Strengths: discuss the strengths and benefits of each coping strategy.
Limitations: discuss the limitations of each coping strategy.
Conclusion: select 1 of the 2 coping strategies you discussed and explain why it is the best fit for the stress-related problem.
References: Include a total of 6 references that support your statements; at least 4 must be from peer-reviewed journal articles (years 2010-2021).

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