University of Wisconsin Madison Online Marketing at Big Skinny Case Study

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Consider the possibility of display ads and interactive media as ways for The Big Skinny to “grab the passerby” on the internet and get new customers to buy their wallets.  Answer the following questions:
1.Which do you seehas having the most potential to get new customers for Big Skinny and why:  Display Ads or Interactive Media?  Why?  If they both have potential, which do you think they should prioritize?  If there is one that they should not pursue at all, mention that and explain why.  Be specific as to WHY you are asserting this, using details from the case where needed.2.Given how A/B testing is explained in the case, list three A/B tests you’d like Big Skinny to run in both their Display Ads and Interactive Media(so 6 total A/B tests).  If you are recommending that either Display Ads or Interactive Media not be pursued at all in Question #1, then list 5 A/B tests you’d like to see Big Skinny run in the tactic you do recommend.

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