Visit Google Scholar and conduct a search for an article

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Visit Google Scholar and conduct a search for an article on Cardiovascular Disease, Gender-Specific Heart Health, Exercise & Heart Disease, Nutrition & Heart Disease, Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Strategies, Scientific Breakthroughs in Heart Disease Research, Sports-Related Cardiovascular Concerns, etc. You will be required to read the article, then list and summarize the following: 1. What is the complete title of the scholarly article on CVD that you chose on Google Scholar? 2. List the article’s authors: 3. List the journal, publication or textbook where the CVD article was published: 4. Summarize the CVD article that you chose (include topic of discussion, CVD study, prevention strategies, hypothesis, target demographic, etc). This is a research review, please be thorough and concise, write in complete sentences, and assumes that no one is aware of the content. 5. Summarize the article’s conclusion: 6. Discuss why this article was important to you. What did you learn? Is this CVD information useful to you personally or professionally?

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