Walden University Pre Sentence Investigation Report & Probation paper

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A judge’s decision to grant an offender probation is not arbitrary; it is based on a variety of factors such as the nature of the crime, the offender’s personal and criminal history, and concerns about public safety. Judges also draw from supporting information that is required by the courts. Two of the reports that a judge depends upon are the pre-sentence investigation report (PSI) and the risk-needs assessment (RNA); probation officers assigned to the offender prepare these reports. Probation officers frequently make recommendations to the judge based on the information they have collected on the offender. In juvenile court especially, the recommendation of the probation officer factors heavily in the judge’s decision on whether to grant an offender probation.In this Discussion, you examine the decision-making process for probation and debate whether the process is fair. Post a response that addresses the following:Describe the role of the pre-sentence investigation report and the risk-needs assessment in determining who is eligible for probation.How is the decision-making process different for probation than for parole? What other factors are considered in the decision to grant probation? Do you believe the probation decision-making process is fair? Why or why not?

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