week 4 discussion FSM3001


“There is not much incentive to be a good employee around here,” suggested Akusu, a server at Sand Dunes Restaurant.“What do you mean?” asked Edison, another server.Akusu replied, “I’ve been here a long time and do my work and never complain. I would think our manager would give me a little reward, even if it is just a thank-you. Instead, every time we get a new employee, I am asked to train that person. I have to do all of my beginning- and end-of-shift work, take the same number of tables, and also train. So I sometimes don’t give the very best service. I feel bad, and I lose tips.”“That’s true,” said Edison, “But is there any other way to train a new employee?”You are the manager of Sand Dunes Restaurant. Answer Edison’s question. Should Akusu tell the manager how she feels? Why or why not?Just only one pager

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