West Chester University Data and Methods Paper


Data and Methods are due. This assignment should include thorough discussion of data, including variables and potential methods of evaluation. It is expected that all concepts are discussed and justified, operationalized, and connected to measures. Additionally, your paper should include a data collection protocol along with justification as to why your proposed data is sufficient and appropriate to answer your research question. Please include any shortcomings related to your data. Finally, your paper should include a brief discussion of potential methods for evaluating your proposed data. Remember, in a research design you are not expected to actually collect or analyze data; however, it is important to keep this in mind when constructing your design.) Reading: Johnson, Gail. (2014). Research Methods for Public Administrators. 3rd edition.
Routledge. Data and Methods (4-6 pages)o Concepts, Operationalization, Measurements, Data source, Sampling method, Possible method for data analysis

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