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Each student is responsible to create a PowerPoint that overviews their research proposal in a seminar-style presentation. Your presentation should be approximately 5-8 minutes. Additional info attached and will provide rubricThis information is provided for context to help with development of PowerPoint Presentation:Public Policy and Administration Research Proposal
The overall goal of this course is to teach students to put together a research design public policy
analysis, program evaluation, and/or traditional academic research. The research proposal is
designed to enhance a studentÂ’s ability to apply research design techniques to public policy and
administration problems. This assignment requires students to: 1) assess and evaluate multiple
sources of information in order to analyze public problems and propose evidence-based
solutions; 2) apply procedural knowledge to unpack complex problems into constituent parts,
identify reliable problem-solving methods, and accurately apply problem-solving methods; and,
3) apply conceptual knowledge to identify assumptions, make logical inferences, identify
defective logical inferences, and reach reasonable conclusions. A research proposal and formal
research design includes all elements of a research project except full data collection and
To aid students in developing a proper research design we will take a “scaffolding” approach,
where you will complete small, low stakes assignments designed to help you sufficiently put
together a full research design. The initial Research Proposal Topic, Problem Statement, and
Data and Methods submissions, along with the Human Subjects Certification, each account for
5% of your final grade. The Problem Statement, and Data and Methods should not exceed 6
double spaced pages, while the complete Research Proposal should not exceed 20 pages. Please
include proper in-text citations and a work cited page with each submission using the most
current APA style guide. Research Proposal Topic: For this assignment students will proposal their
research/evaluation question. The question should be framed in the literature, connect to
previous research and include an expected hypothesis. Problem Statement: For this assignment students should present their
research/evaluation question. Your question should be framed in the literature, which
should include evidence of why your question is important, how it fits the current
understanding of the topic, and how your study will add to the field. Your problem
statement should also include a brief (3-4 double spaced pages) literature review on the
Data and Methods: For this assignment students will provide a thorough discussion of
their data, including variables and potential methods of evaluation. It is expected that
you discuss and justify all concepts, the operationalization of these concepts, and
measures of these concepts. Additionally, your paper should include a data collection
protocol along with justification as to why your proposed data is sufficient and
appropriate to answer your research question. Please include any shortcomings related to
your data. Finally, your paper should include a brief discussion of potential methods for
evaluating your proposed data. Remember, in a research design you are not expected to
actually collect or analyze data; however, it is important to keep this in mind when
constructing your design. Full Proposal and Research Design: Your culminating assignment for this course is a
full research design. You are free to organize your paper as you wish; however, the
bulleted items below must be explicitly discussed and highlighted in your paper. My
recommendation is to find a journal article or study to use as a template for your paper.
Your paper must be a minimum of 12 double spaced pages, size 12 font. Please note,
your goal is to produce a quality proposal and research design. Your research question
and/or the complexity of your study will dictate your final page count. Remember, there
is no such thing as a perfect research design. Rather, a good researcher clearly states
everything up front, highlights methodological choices, and provides sound and
compelling justification/evidence for such choices. Include proper in-text citations and a
work cited page using APA style.

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