Westford University College Trio T1 Presentation and Apple Inc Marketing Paper


Assessment Brief: Task and General Guidelines

Task 1: Report – 80 Marks [6000-8000 Words]


Choose an international organization (with any product) of your choice preferably where you are working or worked with or familiar with and prepare an entry plan for international markets. Your report should investigate various factors that influence the entry mode of the company into the global market along with the potential barriers that might hinder the expansion of the chosen firm. Various marketing strategies in order to enter into the international market should also be explored. The details of the expected project report format are given below:

Executive Summary: [ 500 words, 10 Marks]
Introduction: Provide some background information on the chosen organization in the context of marketing management. [ 300 words, 5 Marks]
Application of theory into practice: The following concepts/theories/models should be covered:
The role of marketing models, tools and techniques in developing new products and effective marketing plans. The models discussed should include at least one model among (Porter’s Model, SWOT Analysis, and PESTLE). [1000 words, 10 Marks]
Analyze the existing segments, targeting and positioning of the company. [1000 words, 20 Marks]
A critical evaluation of the marketing mix of the chosen organization. [2000 words, 20 Marks]
Evaluate the strategy by using at least one Model among (BCG Matrix, Ansoff Matrix, and Product Life Cycle Model). [1000 words, 10 Marks]
Conclusions and Recommendations: Provide recommendations for an adequate marketing strategy for the chosen organization to expand the business in the global market. [750 words, 5 Marks]
References: You should use the Harvard referencing system only.

Task2: Presentation – 20 Marks [7-10 slides on PPT and 10-15 Minutes]

The presentation on the Launch new product/service in the UAE shall be conducted during the final phase of the course on a mutually agreed time slot (between the faculty and the learner). The time allotted for the presentation is 15 minutes (10 minutes presentation followed by 5 minutes Q&A) and would be evaluated based on content, presentation skills, and interaction.

ThePresentation (in PPT format) and the Report (in MS Word format) should be submitted on the LMS on or before the specified submission deadline.


Feel free to include short videos. For e.g. example 1 to 2 minutes long.
Try to use bullet points and keep it short.
Photos can also be used to tell a story or help explain a point.


7-10 slides on PPT
10 minutes to present.
5 minutes for a Q and A session

You will be scored out of 20 with the marks distributed as follows:


(Quality of design, layout, images, overall appeal)


Presentation Skills (Confidence, communication Skills, Posture, Voice Modulation)



5 Marks

5 Marks

5 Marks

5 Marks

20 Marks

An important Caveat: If your slides includes extensive content then you are likely to go over your time. It is recommended to stay with bullet points and give an overview of them. Sometimes it might not be required to detail everything line by line, but to give an overview and speak around the data.This requires practice but the approach will help you in delivering future presentations.

The Presentation (in PPT format for Task 3) should be submitted on LMS along with the assignment.

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