Wilmington University Week 2 Lakewood IT SWOT Analysis Case Study


You will review the Lakewood IT Case and the Interview Results Document for this part of your Business Case Analysis and provide, as the minimum, the following:

A title page
An introduction
A problem statement
A single sentence containing a clearly defined problem statement
A section containing a SWOT analysis
You must use the SWOT Template; however, the template may be adjusted (i.e., cell height & width) as needed
A summary of the SWOT analysis

The paper must not exceed 5 pages of content (the title page, abstract [if required], reference pages, figures/tables, and appendices are not content pages). In addition, the paper must use:

Times New Roman, 12 pt font/typeset
Double spaced lines
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s title page, header, margins, figure, table, and heading formatting
The APA Manual, 7th edition’s writing mechanic guidelines


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