Wk 3 – Team – Value of Debating and Commitment


One must know that successful companies are successful because they have implemented a solid Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) system and this gives them a competitive advantage. Now that we have discussed what EPM is and we have also seen the importance of gathering and interpreting data, we now need to Debate and Commit in order to move forward. Remember the idea is to implement EPM correctly in order to develop a competitive advantage.Write?a 700- to 1,050-word paper that explains how the elements of people fit into the EPM process.- This is a team assignment. My portion only requires that I Describe the six management operating steps of Debating. as stated below: Perhaps in just 2-300 words1. Assign targets and time horizons. 2. Debate and vet the model itself, understand and record the assumptions, expose the algorithms, circulate it with subject matter experts, and “certify” it according to your governance methodology.3. Run sensitivity analysis and perform predictive analysis, creating versions with various targets for each model.

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