Write a Paper on the topic breast cancer awareness. It

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Write a Paper on the topic breast cancer awareness. It is now the time to turn your attention to execution and control. The term “control” refers to monitoring the project allowing for assessing the progress and preparing the status report at any desirable interval / time. Write a paper in which you: determine the major project milestones and the required delivery dates. Analyze why each milestone is critical to the project. Document the main assumptions and exclusions (taken from scope statement), dependencies, risks, and any other major issues of the project. Select the top-three (3) important risks of the project, and suggest approaches to address those risks. Explain the techniques of reducing project duration, and determine if any is applicable to your project. If so, expand on the technique to be used. If not, explain as to why no technique is applicable. Define the control process and describe the control steps. Be sure to expand on the description of baseline plan and measuring the progress and performance using an earned value (ev) system. Describe cost variance and schedule variance. Then, assume that your project is at the half-way point, time-wise. Assuming that you have your baseline budget (pv) in hand, imagine or make up the actual cost (ac), and based on the available information, assess the project status with regard to cost and schedule. Explain the project closure process, and describe the major considerations for closing your project, smoothly.

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