WU The Competence Stage Soaring Upward Essay


TOPIC: The Competence Stage: Soaring Upward
Reading: Sweitzer & King – CHAPTER 10
How are your feelings of achievement and success affecting your understanding of the social obligations of the profession in which you are interning? 
(I am doing my internship in Conflict Analysis and Resolution Program)
Which career transitions are most challenging for you at this point time while managing your education? 
(The Career Transition most challenging for me is the domain of Political Science and International Relations)
How have you had to “crunch” or carry out the “balancing act”? Feel free to elaborate more on time management constraints and optimization. Are you investing your time in “worthwhile work”?
Is deep learning occurring in the internship that facilitates your growth and development as well as skills and knowledge? How does the internship measure up to one of the experiential learning frameworks (Kolb or Shulman)?

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